Amex Sync Holiday Promos Starting Strong

If you are an American Express cardholder, then I hope you’ve been taking advantage of the Amex sync bonuses. Every month Amex releases new promotions and with the holiday shopping season well underway, they have released some pretty good ones. Below is a list of my favorites so far. I’ll keep this post updated with more bonuses that I think are worth signing up for.

Summary of 2014 Amex Holiday Sync Bonuses

Retailer Amex Sync Bonus Offer Expiration Twitter Hash Tag
Sony Spend $100 get $25 back 12/31/14 #AmexSony
Starbucks Spend $10 get $5 back 12/31/14 #AmexStarbucks
Best Buy Spend $250 get $25 back 12/31/14 #AmexBestBuy
Marriott Spend $200 get $50 back 12/31/14 #AmexMarriott
J. Crew Spend $125 get $25 back 12/24/14 #AmexJCrew

How Do I Sign Up for Amex Sync Bonuses?

There are two easy ways to sing up for Amex Sync Bonuses.

The first way is to log into you Amex account online and click on the “Offers for you” tab usually at the bottom of the page under your account summary. The drawback to this method is that sometimes Amex will not display all of the offers for you. I have no idea why, but they usually only show offers that they want you to see. That requires you to do option #2 below.

The second way and the one I recommend is to sync through your Twitter account. Follow the steps below:

1. If you don’t already have a twitter account then create one.

2. Register and link your American Express card with your Twitter account here.

3. Post a tweet using the hash tag that I put in the table able. For instance…I am going holiday shopping at Best Buy thanks to #AmexBestBuy.

4. You will receive a notification through your Twitter account confirming your registration. This is important! Sometimes offers are sold out and so you will not earn the bonus.

5. Make your purchase according to the terms and a statement credit will be issued to your account!

Amex Sync Bonus Tips

  • Register all of your Amex cards. If you have multiple cards then create additional Twitter accounts for each one.
  • Consider adding an authorized user. If your family member needs a card, call Amex and create an authorized user card for them. This qualifies for the Amex Sync Bonus too.
  • Sign up for an Amex Serve account. Serve is a prepaid card that you does not require a hard credit pull to sign up for. You can easily apply and load funds to your Serve account either online or in a store like CVS. This is an easy way to get another Amex account.

Bottom Line

Of course this is just the start of the holiday bonuses and more are certainly on their way. If you haven’t already, I would sign up for these offers now because last year they sold out pretty fast!

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