Apple iPhone Silicone Case Coming Apart – How To Get It Replaced

A few months ago I noticed that the outer silicone layer on my Apple iPhone X was coming apart. Essentially the silicone was separating from the inner plastic shell and falling off (see photo below). This initially started happening on the right lower corner, and now is occurring on the top right and sides as well. This was quite annoying because official Apple iPhone X silicone cases are very expensive, and I had purchased my case less than a year ago. I decided to do a few searches to find out if this silicone case is covered under warranty and if so, could I get it replaced for free?

Apple iPhone X Silicone Case Coming Apart in Corner

Is The iPhone Silicone Case Covered Under Warranty?

Yes. The Apple iPhone Silicone Case is covered under a 1-year manufacturer warranty against defects in materials and/or workmanship. However, it does not cover against accidental damage.

You must have purchased the iPhone case from an authorized retailer, which means that 3rd party or affiliate sites like eBay are not covered. If you bought the case from an Apple store, Amazon, Best Buy, or Target you are covered.

How Do I Get My Defective Silicone Case Replaced?

There are a few ways to contact Apple to get your case serviced and/or replaced under warranty. The easiest for me was to contact Apple Support through Twitter. I just sent them a direct message and they replied within 15 minutes asking for a few details. After providing the necessary information they said I either needed to talk to support over the phone to complete the replacement process, or I could go to an Apple Store.

I elected to talk to them by phone and within 30 minutes someone at support called me and arranged for a mail in replacement. The replacement iPhone silicone case arrived within four days, and I simply mailed my defective case back to them. Super easy and I didn’t even have to drive to an Apple Store or provide a credit card!

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