SunTrust Credit Card Reconsideration Phone Line

While SunTrust is a regional bank and has a limited credit card portfolio of offerings. I recently posted a SunTrust Cash Rewards Card Review where I explained how you can earn 5% or more cash back on gas and grocery purchases. As an existing SunTrust customer I decided to apply for this card myself. As with many smaller banks their application process might be a bit manual and possibly requires review by their underwriting department. Big banks like Chase, Bank of America, and Citibank have automated this process to the point where you can receive an approval immediately online.

In the case of my application, I received a message saying that my application requires additional review. One thing I have told people is that it is always a good idea to follow up with banks by calling their card reconsideration phone number to either clarify items on your application, or provide additional information like income from other sources, which may accelerate approval.

In my research I noticed that I couldn’t find the SunTrust Credit Card application reconsideration phone number anywhere online! As such I am posting it here for anyone who might have either been declined or wants to call and provide more information to their underwriters.

SunTrust Reconsideration Phone Number: 1-866-243-7719

Before you call it is always a good idea to review your application and identify potential problem areas like delinquent accounts on your credit report, additional income you did not include on your application, etc. In my case I found out that since the deed to my house is in both my and my wife’s name, I can include her income on my application.



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    Thank you for this number!

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