Banana Republic Luxe Card Bonus Categories

Banana Republic has launched some great bonus point earning opportunities valid for the entire year. Through December 31, 2014 you Banana Republic Luxe card members can earn extra points for purchases in the following Luxe card bonus categories:

  • 3x points on gas
  • 2x points on groceries
  • 1x points on everything else

luxe card bonus categories


Is This a Good Deal?

Anytime you can earn bonus points on your Luxe card, it is usually a good deal. However, in my Banana Republic Luxe Card Review post I analyzed the value of a Banana Republic card point. My standard valuation of a Banana Republic point is $0.005 or 1/2 of a cent. In terms of the Luxe bonus categories for 2014 mentioned in this post that means you earn the following cash back in each category:

Bonus Category Points Earned Cash Equivalent
Gas 3 points 1.5%
Groceries 2 points 1%
Everything Else 1 point 0.5%

Obviously this fails to inspire me to go out of my way to use my BR luxe card for anything other than buying stuff at Banana Republic stores, but hey, if I didn’t have a card like the Chase Freedom, which earns 5% cash back through March 31, 204, I might consider using this card for gas purchases, but you could do much better on grocery purchases by using most other cash back cards.

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