Amex Comes Through: Gift Cards Coded As Cash by Chase

About a month ago I wrote about an Amex gift card purchase where Chase had charged me a cash advance fee and interest on the purchase.  This was obviously unsettling brcause not only were these fees very high, but Amex never indicated they would code the transaction this way. What was even more disturbing was that neither Amex nor Chase were taking responsibility for the issue.

Fast forward several weeks and my issue has been resolved! After hours on the phone, I figured out the issue lies in a change that Amex made, which affected the way Chase sees the transaction. After speaking with the Anex tech team, they requested that I send in my credit card statement showing where Chase had charged me a cash advance fee. A week later they confirmed the issue and forwarded my complaint to the cuatomer service department. I had to wait another few days, but received a call from a very nice rep who offered to credit my gift card with $100 to offset the cash advance fee and any interest I was charged. This was beyond what I expected!

Bottom line is persistence pays off. It took me over a half dozen calls, talking to various departments, and even sending in my credit card statement, but in the end I got the issue resolved. I’m not sure 2-3 hours on the phone plus all that effort was worth $100, but I am still pleased by the outcome.

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