Earn 16 MileagePlus Miles Per Dollar at Sears

It’s been a while since Sears has run a good shopping portal mileage earning promotion. In fact, the portal bonus miles landscape has been pretty dry as of late. All that has changed today as the United MileagePlus Shopping portal is now offering 8 miles per dollar at Sears! I would act fast because the ad states that it ends in four days, but Sears is very fickle about keeping their portal bonuses out for an extended period of time, and I’m willing to bet that they pull this one tomorrow or well before 3/21.

sears united miles bonus

Why Did I Say You Can Earn 16 United Miles Per Dollar at Sears?

One of the great things about Sears is that they award miles for buying a gift card. In this case you could double dip this promotion by buying an e-gift card, and then going back through the portal later to buy merchandise. If you end up spending the entire gift card you would earn 2 x 8 miles = 16 miles per dollar! I value United miles at 2 cents per dollar, so this equates to a 32% rebate on items purchased. In fact, if you earn Sears Shop Your Way Rewards on your purchase you can enhance your earnings even more.

How Does This Compare to Past Sears Promotions?

The best MileagePlus-Sears portal bonus I have seen in the last years was a 22 United miles per dollar bonus on 6/29/2014. For those who got in on that deal, it was quite a haul. Unfortunately, we have seen such a generous portal bonus in quite a while, which is why I think this is a very attractive opportunity that you should jump on.

What Should I Buy at Sears?

Usually items that offer Shop Your Way bonus points are the ones I like to target. Some ideas are:

Other than that I didn’t find many good deals offering Shop Your Way point bonuses, so the deals have dried up on their site for now.

Bottom Line

If you are looking to pad your United miles balance this is a good opportunity to do so. Knowing that Sears often pulls portal bonuses early, especially lucrative ones, I would jump on this sooner than later.

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