How To Manufacture Spend With The Amex Target Card

amex target card

The Amex Target Card is well known in the blogging world as a tool for manufactured spending (albeit a very expensive one).

Amex Target Card Features

  • $3 fee to activate card (you must buy the card at a B&M Target store)
  • $3 fee to load card (can be loaded using a credit card)
  • $1,000 limit per load
  • $3 fee per ATM withdrawl (first fee per month is waived)

How Do I Buy and Load The Amex Target Card?

To get an Amex Target Card you must first buy a card at a bricks and mortar Target Store. Unfortunately depending on where you live, these cards can be hard to find. When I lived in Chicago I only found one store in Logan Square where they were selling these cards.

When you buy the card, you need to provide the cashier with both your driver’s license and SSN. You must provide your SSN by punching it into the credit card reader. I guess Amex is requesting this information. They will also ask you for your home address (if it is different from what’s on your ID) because they will send you an official card in the mail.

Along with providing that information, you also need to pay $3.00 to activate the card. When you first buy the card you are allowed to load it with up to $500 using a credit card.

Once your card is active you can reload the card by going to a Target store and either asking a cashier to reload the card, or going to customer service. I have found that customer service is usually more knowledgeable about this product and will load the card quickly without questions asked.

Using The Target Amex Card at The ATM

Withdrawing funds from your Target Amex Card at the ATM is very easy. Once American Express sends you your official card you will also get a separate mailer that tells you your ATM PIN. Be warned that Amex will charge you $3.00 for every ATM withdrawl (the first one per month is free) in addition to any fees that the ATM will charge. The cheapest I have found are the ATMs at Costco, which are only $1.50 in my area.

Bottom Line

The Amex Target Card is a great tool for manufactured spending. The card will allow you to fund it easily using a credit card at Target stores and then withdraw the money, or make purchases using the card. The fees are quite steep and could run as high as $25-30 in order to get $1,000 of spending on your credit card, which equates to 3% in cost. Otherwise it’s an easy way to meet the minimum spending requirements on that 100K AA Executive card!

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