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One of the most overlooked hotel loyalty programs is Wyndham Rewards. This is partly due to the fact that the Wyndham program is far behind other hotel loyalty programs like Starwood, Marriott, and Hyatt. In fact, the Wyndham Rewards Gold elite tier was not added until 2013! This is practically unthinkable for a business traveler doing 50-100+ stays per year. Why would you give your loyalty to a hotel chain that not only does not offer elite perks, but doesn’t even have an elite status tier?

Well, all of that has now changed as Wyndham Rewards Gold Status is available after 20 paid nights in a calendar year.

Earning Wyndham Rewards Gold Status

You earn Wyndham Rewards Gold status after staying 20 nights in a calendar year. You maintain Gold status for the remainder of the year you earn it in and the entire following year.

The main (and only) benefit of Wyndham Rewards Gold is earning Gold Status Points. Wyndham claims that you earn a free night after earning Gold Status, but while this is true, the night that you earn could only be worth a stay at a shabby Travelodge or Days Inn. To be clear, the Wyndham program has two kinds of points. They are:

  • Regular Wyndham Rewards points
  • Gold Status points (Only earned by Gold Members)

All members can earn regular Wyndham Rewards points, but only Gold Members earn Gold Status points (in addition to regular points). The number of Gold Status points you earn depend upon the following:

  • Staying 20 nights in a year
  • The average paid nightly room rate of the 20 nights

Once you reach Gold status, Wyndham calculates the average daily rate of the stays you completed before reaching gold (and every 20 nights thereafter) and determines how many Gold Status points you get. Below is a table showing the Gold Status points earned and for each average room night spend level.

Wyndham Rewards Gold Status Point Tiers

Average Room Night Spent Gold Status Points
$100 or less 6,000
$100 – $150 10,000
$150 or more 20,000

Once you hit 20 nights in a year you will be awarded one of the point levels shown in the table above. You will earn another point bonus after you stay another 20 nights that year. According to the Wyndham Rewards program you are only allowed to receive 3 bonuses in a single calendar year.

Unfortunately, if you spend $100 or less you only receive 6,000 points, which is good at low end Tier 1 hotel properties like Days Inn, Baymont Inn, Ramada, and Travelodge. On the other hand 20,000 points gets you a free night at Tier 6 properties, which are much better and usually available in more expensive cities. Here is a list of the redemption tiers and properties.

For more details on Gold Status points see the summary of the Gold point tiers on the Wyndham Rewards website.

 Redeem Gold Status Points Before They Expire!

According to the terms of the Wyndham program Gold Status points expire 4 months after you earn them! That is completely ridiculous. I have never heard of elite status benefits that are so restrictive. The nice thing about the Gold Status points is that you can combine them with your regular Wyndham Rewards points to book a free night, but I can’t believe how short of a window you have to redeem them.

My advice to anyone close to earning Wyndham Gold status is to try to time your last stay to coincide with an opportunity to redeem you free night. For instance if you are at 19 nights, then maybe do some nights with another program like Marriott or Hilton before you complete the 20th Wyndham night. That way you can time your last stay to be closer to a point where you have an opportunity to use the free Gold Status points before they expire.

What Other Perks Do I Get With Wyndham Gold Status?

Unfortunately this hotel rewards program is still a work in progress. I call it a “rewards program” because there are really no benefits of the program that create loyalty. Where programs like Starwood, Hilton, and Marriott have developed a suite of benefits that incentivise elite members to stay at their hotels and aspire to earn that coveted stay at a unique luxury resort, the Wyndham Rewards program simply awards you additional points, and puts a horribly tight restriction on those points.

Bottom Line

Unless your corporate policy dictates staying at Wyndham, or you are a trucker who frequently stays at Ramada hotels off the freeway, I would steer clear of the Wyndham Rewards program until they improve the elite status benefits and program offerings.




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