Hyatt Q1 2014 Free Nights or Points Promotion

Hyatt announced their Q1 2014 “Endless Possibilities” promotion offering members of their Gold Passport program the opportunity to earn up to either 4 free nights, or 50,000 bonus points for stays between January 15 and April 30, 2014. This is by far the best promo Hyatt has launched in the last 2 years.

Earn Free Nights During Hyatt Q1 2014 Promo

You have two options when you register for the promo. You can earn either free nights, or bonus points. You will earn one free night after staying 5 paid eligible nights. You will earn 5,000 bonus points after 5 nights, 10,000 after 10 nights, 15,000 after 15 nights, and 20,000 after 20 nights. The total earned will be 50,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points. There are two important points that you need to consider before you register.

  1. Free nights are valid for a Category 1-4 standard room. Hyatt category 4 hotels require 15,000 points per night. Therefore you are getting much more value out of free nights. Here is a link to the Hyatt Gold Passport room pricing chart.
  2. The free nights expire on July 31, 2014. Make sure that you can use these free nights before they expire!

Earn Bonus Points During Hyatt Q1 2014 Promo

Instead of earning free nights, you can instead register for getting bonus points. The bonus points you earn increase as you accumulate more nights during the promo. If you only stay 5 nights you will earn just 5,000 Hyatt points, but if you max out this promotion you will earn a whopping 50,000 points!

That would be good enough for two nights at at tier 6 Hyatt property like the Andaz Fifth Avenue New York, or the Andaz Maui Wailea. Here is a list of all Hyatt category 6 properties.

Nights Points Total Points Earned
5 5,000 5,000
10 10,000 15,000
15 15,000 30,000
20 20,000 50,000

 How Do I Register For The Hyatt Q1 2014 Promo?

  1. Visit the registration page here.
  2. Choose whether you want to earn free nights or bonus points
  3. Stay at least 5 times before April 30, 2014 and earn your free night or bonus points

Which Hyatt Endless Possibilities Bonus Should I Take?

It all depends on how many stays you have coming up. If you were to max out the 20 nights, then you could either have 4 free nights worth a maximum of 4 x 15,000 points = 60,000 points, or if you chose the points option you would earn 50,000 points. I would highly recommend earning points in this case because there is no expiration on points whereas your free nights would expire at the end of July.

If you only have 5 nights coming up, I would opt for the free night. In that case you could redeem your stay for a 15,000 point night rather than earning 5,000 points. Here is a quick cheat sheet I would use.

Nights Coming Up Free Nights or Points Max Value
5 Free Nights 1 Free Night (worth up to 15,000 points)
10 Free Nights 2 Free Nights (worth up to 30,000 points)
15 Points 30,000 points
20 Points 50,000 points

 Bottom Line

The Q1 2014 Endless Possibilities promotion is a highly lucrative promotion, if you plan your strategy right. Make sure that you plan out how many stays you can complete during the offer period and then identify what bonus holds the most value for you before registering. Remember that registration ends on March 31, 2014 and you cannot change your selection after you register.

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